Is this 24 hour care?


The center is not open 24 hours, however home care is provided when needed to meet the requirements of the participant’s plan of care. This could include evenings, weekends, days the participant doesn’t come to the center or even days the participant does come to the center but needs help to get ready in the morning. We also have someone on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any issues that arise.

What do you do if it snows?

Each participant has an individualized emergency plan of care to address such issues as this.

What happens if someone needs to go to the hospital?

Our LIFE team will continue to provide coordination of care even while the participant is in the hospital.

How much does it cost?

For participants who have Medicare and Medicaid, the entire cost is covered  by the insurance. Individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid may participate  in the program by paying a monthly premium.

How does this work with hospice?

Most LIFE programs provide their own end-of-life care but if there is a need for support from hospice, we have it available within our own system.

What happens when someone goes to a nursing home?

LIFE continues to provide coordination of care even when the participant is in a skilled care facility whether for a short or long-term stay.

Can someone quit being in LIFE?

Yes, a participant can disenroll at the end of any month.

How do you sign up?

Because of the unique nature of the program, there is a defined enrollment process which includes assessment by the Area Agency on Aging as well as LIFE staff both in the center and in the home.  To get the ball rolling, just call 1-800-840-9081.

Can I bring my loved one to the center if the pick-up time doesn't suit?

Yes, the center is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm and if it is more convenient for you to provide transportation yourself, that is fine.

Isn't this Adult Day Care?

No, it isn't. While the day center is an essential part of the LIFE program, the focus of the program is much broader.  LIFE is designed and managed in a way that endeavors to allow individuals to live in the community as long as it is safe for them to do so.  This happens through the careful management of all of the participant’s health care needs.  This is  beyond what happens at a traditional adult day care center.

What if the participant gets better?

Individuals typically do improve once they are in the program.  Some of them actually improve so much that they are no longer nursing home eligible.  When that happens, they can continue in the program if we can show that they will experience a decline if they are disenrolled from the program. Otherwise, they are disenrolled from the program but remember these folks would not have improved to the point that they are now able to live independently without the intensive services of the program.

Can you be discharged from the program?

Yes, under very limited circumstances which include moving from the area, non-payment of premiums for those who have premiums, etc.  The state reviews every disenrollment, however and there are relatively few.

What if Mom can't get herself dressed in the morning?

If it is indicated as a need, LIFE may send a personal care assistant to the home in the morning to help your loved one get ready to go to the center.

What if someone is already in a skilled nursing facility?

Upon enrollment, an individual must be living in the community and have a desire to stay in the community so we cannot enroll someone who is already a resident of a skilled facility.  The Department of Public Welfare is actively trying to encourage nursing facility residents to return to the community if possible.  One of the keys to this is the availability of a safe living situation in the community.  An individual who resides in a skilled facility and is planning to return to the community may or may not be appropriate for the LIFE program.

Who determines nursing home eligibility?

This is determined by the Area Agency on Aging based on a specific assessment that they do as to clinical eligibility.

Do I have to give up my physician?

Care coordination is managed by an interdisciplinary team which includes a primary care physician.  This coordination is essential to the success of the LIFE program so yes, the LIFE physician becomes the primary care physician for all participants.

Which doctors do the dental and vision care?

We have contracted for  both dental and vision care and if you have a specific dental or  vision provider, we will work to develop a contract with that  provider.

Can I still see the same specialists (such as Cardiologist) that I am seeing now?

Yes, we will make every  effort to contract with your specialists if they are not already  among our contractors.

If I go to the hospital, will the LIFE physician come there to see me or will I see the hospitalists?

Typically, you'll  see the hospitalists on a routine basis but they will be working very  closely with the LIFE physician for management of your care. The LIFE physician still  has privileges at the hospital so he or she will be stopping in as well.

What about the hours that my loved one is not at the LIFE Center?

Everyone's  situation is unique. The LIFE interdisciplinary team will work with  each participant and their family to develop a plan that is designed  to assure that the participant is safe and cared for during the time  that they are not at the center. That plan may include support by  family and friends as well as other services provided by LIFE.

What if my loved one needs personal care in the morning to get up and ready to come to LIFE Center and also needs help getting dinner and to bed at night?

Everyone's  situation is unique. The LIFE interdisciplinary team will work with  each participant and their family to develop a plan that is designed  to assure that the participant is safe and cared for during the time  that they are not at the center. That plan may include support by  family and friends as well as personal care services provided by  LIFE.

What other services are provided by LSS?

In addition to its community health services provided by Lutheran Home Care & Hospice, Inc. and LIFE Lutheran Services, Inc, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) offers residential and assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in six continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), plus a range of community outreach services. LSS continuing care retirement communities are located in Chambersburg, Gettysburg, Hanover, Shrewsbury and York, Pennsylvania. In partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, LSS also provides federally subsidized housing for income qualified seniors and disabled persons in select communities. Through its community outreach services, LSS enriches and strengthens the lives of many people in the community, from infants to older adults.

  • ADVANCE, a domestic abuse and battering intervention program offers non-violent alternatives for those who have been abusive.
  • Case Managers work every day with people who fall through the cracks in our society.
  • LSS helps coordinate Congregational Health Ministry with a variety of free services, including Parish Nurse training.
  • Deaf Center services link the deaf community and those with hearing impairment to the wider community.
  • The Financial Stability Partnership (FSP) is a collaborative effort designed to help working individuals and families in York County, PA move along the financial continuum by increasing their income, building their savings and eventually gaining and sustaining assets.
  • Lutheran Counseling Services, Inc. offers professional counseling.
  • Senior Companions provide companionship and support to other older adults.
  • Stephen Ministers provide ongoing Christian care to people experiencing life needs or crises.

The LSS service area includes York, Adams, Franklin, Cumberland, Fulton, Berks, Lehigh, Northampton, Schuylkill, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Carbon, and Monroe counties  as well as Pottstown and State College in Pennsylvania and Carroll, Washington and Frederick counties in northern Maryland.